BareFace Ink is the first custom studio in Las Vegas to offer custom tattoos, microblading and lashes. This has created an environment that’s literally identical to no other. Feel free to drop by any time for a quick consultation with one of our artists. You can book an appointment now via phone or through our website.

BareFace Ink Tattoos Las Vegas


At BareFace Ink all of our work is unique to the individual. We will work with our clients until they are more than satisfied with our designs before we proceed to the next step. Feel free to drop in any time for a quick consultation.

BareFace Ink Lashes Las Vegas


At BareFace Ink we also offer microblading and lash services from our experienced professionals that are very passionate about what they do. We promise that you will feel like a million bucks when you leave.


Steven F.
This place is nice! Clean and stylish lounge, nice TV to keep you occupied while they ink you up, I was very happy. Had Al ink me up a quick and painless memorial tattoo which took next to no time at all. These guys are the epitome of clean and professional. I couldn’t recommend them enough. Thanks gents!
Dean C.

Wife just got a tattoo done she is so pleased with the memory of her dogs done in a unique bracelet. The people were wonderful and the atmosphere was great. Thank you we will be back!!!!

Dagny C.

Follow them on Instagram and pics of the shop and tats are dope. Recently copped a hoodie too! Can’t wait to visit next time I’m in town!

John A.

Me and my wife were both in town on vacation for only a week and they managed to fit the both of us into their schedules my wife got one of our daughters name and i got the others. Extremely clean well maintained shop friendly atmosphere and employees all around impressed and the work they did was impeccable.

Dan S.

A picture or tattoo is worth a thousand words. Check it out! The shop in very clean and the staff professional. Fred, who did my ink, is an RN who found he had a gift and a calling and gave it up to touch lives in another way; by giving you a high quality tattoo that will last a lifetime. I felt I could trust him. You can!

Emily H.

I had a great experience at Bareface Ink! The place was clean, inviting, and a good environment! Everyone was so nice and welcoming! Definitely recommend this place!!!!